Creating the best crowdfunding video for your community based project

The crowdfunding video is becoming more and more important. It gives potential backers a real sense of who you are, what the project is all about, where it is and who else is involved. 60% of your supporters will view the project on mobile phone, and few people will want to scroll through lots of text to understand your plans and why they should support you. So, if you are serious about connecting with people and raising funds, a video is a must.

Getting Started.

If you have a friend, who happens to be a professional filmmaker, then it’s time to ask them for that favour. But don’t worry if you don’t! You don’t really need a slick video to succeed. In fact, in the world of crowdfunding, being authentic is more important than looking perfect. So grab your phone or camera, download some editing software, and just give it a go. You would be amazed at what you can achieve. ( )


The length i currently recommend is no more than 2 minutes, but what is more important is to get all the key information up front, if they want to learn more they can watch more.

Don’t wait till the last 10 seconds to talk about the fundraising. Be aware that many people watching the video either on the crowdfunding page or your social media may not be aware you are fundraising, so spell it out to them.


The more faces in your video the better, especially the people behind the project and also the people who will be impacted by the project. Animations and slide shows don’t have that same authenticity and look like you are hiding. Be brave and get in front of the camera.

Story Telling

Crowdfunding is all about storytelling, you want to give the watcher a sense of where this idea has come from, who are the people involved, what you need to raise, what it will be spent on and why this is important and how their contribution will make a real difference.

Can I use a non crowdfunding video?

No, I would always make a video specifically for the crowdfunding, it needs to revolve around the ask, just telling people what you do will not work well.

Setting the scene.

If you have a location based project then bring that location into the video, let people see where the project will take place. Include some known places so local people immediately resonate with it. If you can include footage of your key people at this key location. If you have any visuals of the the final product then include those.

Write a script

Write out a script beforehand, telling your story and asking supporters to give, and get different members of your team and supporters to read different bits of it, the more you can show support from a range of people the better.

Short videos for social media.

When it comes to promoting your crowdfunding project having shorter 10 second videos is a great way to engage with people, record some of these also and have in your back pocket for putting out of social media.