Phil and I have received a few questions around promotion so I thought I would pass on some quick ways to get more donations in.

5 Easy Ways To Promote Out Your Crowdfunder And Raise Funds: – Watch Video

Ideas for getting your project funded.

1. Find a Volunteer – If you don’t have time to promote it yourself, then do a shout out for a volunteer to help run it, someone with lots of community connections and/or great at digital marketing would be great.

2. Email your supporters – if you have an email newsletter then send them a short email with details of the current situation and a link direct to your crowdfunder project. See an example email here.

3. Push on social media – if you have twitter and facebook accounts for the foodbank then push the project out on there daily – maybe with an update on the current situation you are facing. See an example post here.

4. Push in local facebook groups – Lots of the pledging we have had on local foodbank project has come from posting within local facebook groups.

5. Ask some partners to share with their audience – Other organisations in the local community that have large online communities, ask them directly to share.

Let Phil and I know how we can be useful – and if you have any questions please do give us a shout