Like all good journeys we set off into Crowdfund Ready with a mix of excitement, fear and half an idea where it might go.

We wanted to do something a little different, raise funds for some amazing people and push the boundaries of possible a little bit. The year has thrown us all some pretty big curve balls, but through that it has allowed some incredible people to step up and show their stuff.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be telling some of the stories that make up 2020 for us.


Eddie Izzard – 28 marathons in 28 days in 28 countries.


I got a call. “You know that thing we spoke about, well it is happening, and we need something up and running in the next couple of days”. We have all had calls like that, it goes against the grain of all the planning we suggest, but sometimes it just works.

Eddie Izzard was planning to run 28 marathons in 28 countries in 28 days, raising some money for some great charities along the way. 

“Good luck” I said to Eddie the day he set off. His response was one of a man that had done this before, “We will have good luck and bad luck, but that will not impact the outcome, I will complete this because of my determination”.

The page went up, the first video was live and Eddie was running. We did not have the time to plan the fundraising beforehand, so we did it on the fly. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, bit by bit the message got out there and more and more people gave. Eddie was sending in Videos whilst on the move, we were uploading onto the project. 3 a day at some point.

The man was in pain, but he kept going. 31 marathons and 6500 people later Eddie had raised over £140K for some great charities. 

The learning for me was the power of pure determination.