Free Crowdfunding Support for Changemakers

Hands on crowdfunding support for non-profits, movements, social enterprises and charities to help you create large-scale impact in the areas that matter to you.

In the last 12 months we have worked with 200 organisations to help them raise over £5M.

For Social Justice and Environmental Causes

If you’re fighting powerful authorities, corporations or individuals, we can help you access the funding for activism, legal or evironmental campaigns

– Legal Challanges
– Environmental Campaigns
– Protest Groups + Activism

For Social Impact Organisations

If you’re a charity, social enterprise or community benefit project we can help you access  funding to make a significantly larger impact

– Charity Fundraising
– Community Projects
– Social Impact Businesses 

For Community Ownership Projects

If you’re saving a pub, starting an energy project or if you want to be owned by the community, we can help you crowdfund for your Community Share Offer

– Local community assets 
– Tech and Media Co-ops
– Community Energy 

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£100 million has been raised for over 50,000 great ideas on Crowdfunder. That makes them the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platform.

Work With Crowdfunding Experts

We’ve seen first hand how many good ideas don’t make it to the start line. We encourage the changemakers of tomorrow to build their crowds, create a movement and do the crucial work needed to get a crowdfunding campaign flying.

Phil Geraghty

Expert in Crowdfunding for Good

Phil has vast experience in start-up and community crowdfunding. He has worked with 1000s of projects, from individuals with big ambitions to large organisations, and helped them raise millions. Phil believes that we can make the world better through enabling great ideas to happen and has dedicated his career to supporting the changemakers of tomorrow. Phil is also the co-founder and director of – the biggest social impact crowdfunding platform in the UK.

Tom Brushwood

Expert in Business for Good

Tom is a serial entrepreneur, and serves as a business mentor and digital marketing consultant to social impact organisations. Tom has dedicated his career to working with social entrepreneurs and projects who care about solving the world’s largest problems. Tom has worked with hundreds of social entrepreneurs 1-to-1, as well as large UK and international organisations, and is a pro-bono digital marketing mentor for Unltd.

The Keys To Successful Crowdfunding.

Having worked with 1000’s of Crowdfunding projects we have learnt fist hand the key elements you need to get right to raise funds for your organisation.

We work with a select group of projects who have ambition to have big impact locally, nationally or internationally. If you think you would be a good fit then get in touch today.

Finding the Crowdfundable Idea

You may have lots of aspects to your organisation that need funding, how do you find the right one?

Reaching the Right Crowd

How do you identify and reach the right crowd, and find the partners who can help you reach them.

Messaging that makes people pledge

Through Video, Text and social media you need to communicate your outcomes and benefit and invite people to get involved.

Running a kick ass campaign

You have done all the planning, but what actions do you need to take on a daily basis to hit your goals.

“Phil was instrumental in helping us raise £42,000 for our tech for good platform. We needed help to understand which elements of our work would fit best with crowdfunding and Phil helped us to hone in on the most crowdfund-able project for us and our supporters.

It was really helpful to look at who our potential backers would be and how to reach them, that formed the basis of our marketing plan. During the planning phase, we also highlighted several partners who helped us promote the project to new audiences.

It feels great to be supported by hundreds of backers who have helped us to build an amazing new tech resource to help save the lives of those living with heart muscle disease.”


Dr James Ware – Imperial College London
The Heart Hive

2020 in stories – £250K raised for UK foodbanks.

2020 in stories – £250K raised for UK foodbanks.

A couple of days into lockdown I reached out to the local foodbank in Wimbledon, the story they told me was one that would be repeated across the whole country in the coming weeks. Lockdown was a triple whammy for foodbanks. A reduction in food donations as less...

2020 in stories – Eddie.

2020 in stories – Eddie.

Like all good journeys we set off into Crowdfund Ready with a mix of excitement, fear and half an idea where it might go. We wanted to do something a little different, raise funds for some amazing people and push the boundaries of possible a little bit. The year has...

Crowdfunding for Refugee Charities

Crowdfunding for Refugee Charities

According to Sky News, five times as many migrants crossed the Channel to the UK in the first eight months of 2020 compared with the same period last year. Migrant statistics, along with the UK government’s response, has raised awareness of a number of refugee...

Making your Crowdfunding Video

Making your Crowdfunding Video

Creating the best crowdfunding video for your community based project The crowdfunding video is becoming more and more important. It gives potential backers a real sense of who you are, what the project is all about, where it is and who else is involved. 60% of your...

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We work with a select group of projects who have ambition to have big impact locally, nationally or internationally. If you think you would be a good fit then apply today.